7 Scuba Diving Urban Legends

mythical tales of underwater exploration

Uncovering the truth behind scuba diving urban legends is crucial for an informed understanding of this captivating underwater activity. In this article, we delve into seven prevalent myths, separating fact from fiction with a technical and experienced approach. From the peculiar tales of divers found in trees to misconceptions about sharks and marine species, our … Read more

Where to Get Scuba Certified in Thailand

scuba certification in thailand

Immerse yourself in the captivating world beneath the waves as we explore the top destinations in Thailand to get scuba certified. Picture yourself descending into crystal-clear waters, surrounded by vibrant coral reefs teeming with exotic marine life. From the stunning islands of Koh Phi Phi and Koh Tao, to the vibrant underwater ecosystems of Phuket … Read more

'Do I Need to Know How to Swim to Scuba Dive' and Other Frequently Asked Questions.

faqs about scuba diving

In the vast realm of scuba diving, there are numerous inquiries that arise regarding the prerequisites, equipment, and considerations for a successful diving experience. One common question that often surfaces is whether swimming is necessary for scuba diving. This article aims to provide answers to this query, along with other frequently asked questions related to … Read more