Bigblue AL2600XWP





BLACK MOLLY 3!!! AL2600XWP: This light is nicknamed the “Black Molly 3” and is a perfect light for underwater photo/video divers. With a 120 degree beam and an illuminated power switch/battery indicator, this light boasts awesome lumen strength and increased efficiency. The AL2600XWP comes standard with built-in red LED’s for enhanced focusing and night video work. The light comes with a Yellow removeable filter, and a 1” ball for easy video system mounting. The “Black Molly 3” is powered by a 26650 battery that is self-contained in the light. It is easily removed and replaced with an optional spare battery that can be kept fully charged for convenient extended use.

Light Source: 4 x XML LED + 2 x XPE Red LED
Light Output: 260-2600 Lumens
Casing Material: Aluminum alloy, anti-corrosive anodized
Power Source: Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery 26650
Safety Designs: Double o-ring sealed
Angle Of Light Beam: 120 degree wide beam
Color Temperature: 6500K
Available Colors: Orange/Silver
Burn Time: 2hrs (Level IV), 4 hrs (Level III), 8 hrs (Level II), 20 hrs (Level I)
Maximum Depth: 100 Meters Tested
Video Filters: Removeable Yellow
Size: Dia. 38.8 L. x 127.5 mm
Weight: 223 g (including battery)
Bouyancy: -112 g (including battery)
Switching System: Push-button with battery indicator
Front Glass: Tempered optical glass
Lanyard: Yes
Package Weight Lbs: 2

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