Aquatec HP-100 Scuba First Stage Hose Protector


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HP-100 Scuba First Stage Hose Protector

Scuba Hose Protector, Dive Hose Protector, Diving Hose Protector, Divers Hose Protector

Durable design.
Prevent strain and damage to hose and fittings
Self-Draining vented design allows proper rinsing and drying

Scuba Gear Technical Information:

Hose Protector for first regulator.
Length: 40mm (4″).
Fits hose with 12.6mm diameter.
Material: PVC.
⊙ Diving Equipment OEM & ODM available.
⊙ Diving Equipment customization.
⊙ Manufactured by: Aquatec


After each use, must be rinsed with fresh water.