Aquatec HH-04 Dive Gear Hose Clips


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HH-04 Dive Gear Hose Clips

Scuba Hose Clips, Dive Hose Clips, Diving Hose Clips, BCD Hose Clips

The BC Hose Holder keeps gauges and regulators right where you put them. HH-01 Scuba Hose Clips has an easy snap design that is very easy to use hoses snap in and out of the holder. The HH-01 Scuba Hose Clip fits most low and high pressure hoses designed to clip on your BCD.

2 Scuba Hose Clips is with a two way swivel assembly in order to holds up to 2 hoses. Scuba Hose Clip is for secure your gauges attachment of gauges and octopus that constructed of lightweight plastic material. This kind of two way swivel allows the Clip to lay flush along the divers profile to streamline the diver and to prevent the hoses attached from snagging on gear or the reef.Aquatec Scuba Hose Clip is a great accessory to keep your hoses secure and easily perfect for holding low/high pressure hoses, regulators, and gauges designed to clip on your BCD. This simple little hose clip to your gear will prevent you from dragging your gauges on the reef and causing damage that is an ideal for holding high pressure hose or octopus. It’s worth the money and saves a reef. This selection of hose clips which are designed for scuba divers but can also be useful for many watersports. What more could a diver want!

Scuba Gear Technical Information:

Scuba Hose Clips.
Using in diameter 15 mm low pressute hose x 2.
Color: Black.
⊙ Diving Equipment OEM & ODM available.
⊙ Diving Equipment customization.
⊙ Manufactured by: Aquatec


After each use, must be rinsed with fresh water.