Salang Village

Salang Village, Tioman

Among the many small villages that are scattered around Tioman Island, Salang Village is also one of them, and it is located on the northern side of Tioman Island. Salang Village is the northernmost village in Tioman Island, and it is not that large compared to the other villages. The one thing that makes Salang village unique is that it is not developed like most of the other villages in the island; instead, it still retains the traditional appeal, and this is why Salang finds a place in the Tioman Travel Guide. Besides, Salang is also widely regarded by many as the divers’ den because it has some of the clearest waters and there are too many small reefs, islands and canyons in and around Salang, making it a hotspot for diving enthusiasts. Though Salang may not be as modernised as the other villages, however, it still comes with a few modern touches which include a couple of resorts, hotels, restaurants and pubs.

How to get to Salang Village

Getting to Salang involves taking a ferry from the village of Mersing till the last stop of the ferry’s route. Since, Salang village is the northernmost village in Tioman Island, to get to this village involves crossing the villages of Genting, Paya, Tekek and Air Batang. The most popular ferry service that will take you from Mersing to Salang village is known as Bluewater Express, and besides this, there are some other passenger boats which can take you to Salang Village.

Salang Village Accommodation

The Accommodation in Salang village comes in the form of a couple of Resorts, budget-friendly hotels, inns and small chalets with basic amenities. There are four resorts in Salang Village, and they are Salang Sayang Resort, Salang Puska Resort, Salang Indah Resort and Pearl Bay Resort. Both these resorts come with the basic amenities. There is also a traditional inn known as the Kampung Salang Inn which provides you with traditional styled rooms and chalets allowing you to experience the traditional way of life led by the villagers there. There is also a family run inn known as Ella’s Place which provides a warm homely atmosphere to its visitors.

Salang Village Food

Salang village only has a few places to eat and drink, and they are Mini White House Cafe, Salang Dreams, Aina’s Food Style and a few restaurants and bars in the resorts. Almost all the restaurants and hotels will offer you different types of fried rice, noodles, seafood and salads. You can also avail western style breakfasts too. Coming to the drinks, the majority of the restaurants and cafe will offer you common beverages such as tea, coffee, fruit juice etc. One can also buy alcoholic beverages for much cheaper rates as well since the entire island is duty-free.

The Unique things to do in Salang Village

Salang Village, the northernmost village in Tioman Island might not be popular among the masses, unlike the other villages. There are many factors which come into play such as the proximity of the village from the capital, the absence of modern amenities and less number of accommodations etc. However, despite all these issues, Salang village has a lot of hidden secrets starting from its clear waters, awesome diving locations and sites, unique nightlife and many more. As such let us discuss the things to do at Salang Village and why it is unique.

1. The Snorkelling Hub:

Salang is regarded by many as the Snorkelling hub of Tioman Island and rightfully so. This is because the area around the village has some of the best snorkelling and diving sites. There are a lot of beautiful and rich coral reefs teeming with marine life which makes it a very popular site for snorkelling and free diving as well. If you are more on the adventurous and active side, then you can also go and swim in the Coral island which is surrounded with miles of beautiful and colourful coral which also houses a rich and varied array of marine ecosystem which includes both flora and fauna. As such it is no wonder that Salang is considered as the Divers Den.

2. Visit the Monkey Beach:

Another great thing about Salang Village is that it is surrounded by a good number of unique islands and beaches, some of which are the Coral Island and Monkey Beach. The Monkey Beach is a beautiful uninhabited beach which is filled with monkeys and is also one of the most popular beaches in Tioman Island. Getting to Monkey beach from Salang village takes at a good two hours on foot, and this provides for a great hiking experience. After you get to Monkey Beach, there is a footpath which will take you to Monkey Bay which is equally beautiful and attractive. Monkey bay also provides you with great snorkelling opportunities too.

3. Go Kayaking:

Water sports are also abundant in Tioman Island, and one such activity is Kayaking. As such if you are fond of water sports, specifically kayaking then besides Juara village, Salang village also provides you with the opportunity to go sea kayaking from the beach to the clear sea waters. As such while kayaking in the sea, one can also engage in friendly competitions with fellow friends as well. This will add more fun and further add to the overall experience as well.

4. Hiking:
Though Salang might not have the highest peaks or the most challenging jungle trails, it also provides with good hiking opportunities. Salang village as such has a few hiking trails which visitors can undertake along with the help of a guide. The hiking trials will treat you with the diverse and abundant flora and fauna that Salang possesses. Besides, there is also a climbing track which upon climbing it will give you a glimpse of the enchanting beauty of Tioman Island.

These are the few of the things you can do while on your visit to Salang Village. Though Salang village lacks Modern facilities and amenities, it more than makes up for it with its traditional appeal, natural beauty and warm atmosphere. Another bonus is that Salang Village has a vibrant nightlife, wherein its beaches are filled with bars, merry-making and campfires through the night, thus adding more uniqueness to the Village.