Genting Village

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Genting Village, Tioman

Tioman Island has many small villages which serve as excellent vacation spots and as such Genting Village is also one among them. The village of Genting is another destination which shows up in the Tioman Travel Guide. Genting Village is situated on the southwest side of the island of Tioman and is accessible by ferries and passenger boats. Getting to Genting Village is also quite easy since most of the ferries and boats cross this village while going to the other villages on the island which include Paya, Tekek, Air Batang and Salang village. As such boats and ferries generally make a quick halt in this village. When we talk about its size, it is the third largest village after Tekek Village and Juara Village respectively and has a beach which spans 1.5 Kilometres long. Genting Village is well isolated from the other villages and has a local community of fishermen who lead a simple way of life; as such Genting is more of calm, silent and peaceful retreat for those looking for the perfect getaway.

How to get to Genting Village

Genting village is accessible only by waterways and as such the primary mode of transport is through Ferries and passenger boats. To get to Genting village, one must take boat or ferry services from Mersing village after which it will make a short halt in Genting before it continues to the other villages in Tioman Island. The most popular ferry service is known as the Bluewater Express. One thing to keep in mind is that there are three transportation services which operate in a day in both the directions.

Genting Village Accommodations

Genting Village is filled with multiple types of accommodations which range from cheap budget hotels to a few high-class resorts as well. As such the village has accommodations for a wide variety of people from different backgrounds with different budgets. There are a lot of hotels, small shacks and a few resorts too. Majority of the resorts located in Genting Village are chalet based and thus provide for great views of the beach and the sea. Some of the popular resorts and hotels are Melina Beach Resort, Arguna Resort and Implan Inn.

Genting Village Food

Genting village has a lot of local restaurants, cafes and hotels which are scattered all over its beaches and as such there is no worry about food. The food that is served in Genting Island is a combination of local foods, Malaysian foods and even some western food items too. As such visitors will get to experience a wide variety of food items while on their stay in Genting Village.

The Unique things to do in Genting Village

Genting village is filled to the brim with a lot of activities which will ensure that visitors will never get bored while on their stay in the village. Genting is a hilly and mountainous village, with beautiful beaches and clear blue waters. As such, this terrain brings with a lot of activities which one can take part in, and they are as follows

1. Meet the Fishermen of Genting Village:

The first thing to do after reaching Genting Village is to meet the Fishermen there. Genting village has not been touched by the modern ways of life and as such if you wish to experience a more authentic side of the island, then it is highly advised to meet the local fishermen here. During the early mornings if you visit the beaches, then you will get to witness the local fishermen hauling their catch. This will no doubt give a glimpse into the simple community life of the people in Genting Village.

2. Diving and Snorkelling:

If you are more on the adventurous side than you can go diving and snorkelling in the clear blue waters of Genting. Here you will get a chance to come across the abundant marine life of Tioman Island and at the same time also make great memories. If you are new to diving and snorkelling, then worry not as there are a lot of diving institutes which will train you. You will also get the aid of experienced guide divers as you explore the waters.

3. Relax on the beautiful beaches:

Genting Village is thought to have some of the most beautiful beaches in all of Tioman Island. The beaches in Genting Village are made up of Golden sand which is bordered by granite boulders making it stand out from the rest and adding more beauty to it. As such this makes for a perfect place to retreat and relax. As such one can sunbathe during the hot days or sit and enjoy the beautiful sunset with a refreshing drink during the evenings.

4. Explore the village:

Genting Village has a concrete footpath along the coastline which runs across the entire village. This makes it possible for one to explore the entire village by just walking along the footpath. If you are not in the mood to walk, then one can also rent a bike as well. Along the path, one might encounter monkeys, monitor lizards, cats and the continuous chirping of birds and howling of monkeys.

5. Hiking:

The name Genting translates to hilly and mountainous, and just as the name suggests Genting village has many hills and mountains with thick forests. This makes the mountains of Genting village an ideal spot for hikers and backpackers. The forest of the village as such has a lot of trails and hiking spots which allows adventure enthusiasts to satiate their hunger.

Though Genting might not have all the modern facilities and amenities like that of the other villages, it more than makes up for it with other unique activities. Genting village due to its rustic appeal is favoured even by the locals of the region and as such local tourists flock to this village during the weekends. As such its beaches are filled with both local and foreign tourists during the weekends, who come here to enjoy the beautiful beaches, the breathtaking views and also to get a glimpse of village life. Thus, it is this combination of beauty and calmness that makes Genting village a must visit for those looking for a taste of rural life. The other villages which are also worth checking out after your stay in Genting ends are Juara, Paya and Salang Village.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/4″][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1558965884672{margin-bottom: 15px !important;}”]


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