Air Batang Village (ABC)

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Air Batang Village aka ABC

The Tioman Island Travel guide takes us next to the village of Air Batang. Air Batang Village also is known as ABC village is situated on the west coast of Tioman Island and is located just north of Tekek Village. The village has a beach which stretches for 1.5 kilometres which have white sand, clear emerald waters and lush forest. Unlike Tekek Village which is more on the urbanised and developed side, Air Batang is a rural village, and as such there are very less modern facilities and the population is also few. The island is home to a close-knit community of fishermen, and the accommodation includes a few cheap hotels and some resorts too. This makes it a favourite destination for backpackers and people who are in search of a peaceful vacation.

How to get to Air Batang Village

Since Air Batang Village is centrally located in Tioman Island, getting to it is quite easy. The Village is located on the route of the ferry which plies from Mersing Village to other villages of the Tioman Island such as Genting, Juara, Paya and Salang Village. As such you can take the ferry known as Bluewater express from the village of Genting and then make your stop in Air Batang Village. Air Batang Village is located just north of Tekek Village and as such these two villages are separated by a small hilly cape, which has an accessible pathway. Hence, if you are residing in Tekek village, then you can take a backpacking trip to reach ABC village too.

Air Batang Village Accommodations

Since Air Batang is more of a sleepy village the accommodations that it offers also follows suit. The accommodation facilities are not that diverse as such there are only a few hotels and guesthouses which offer simple shacks, which are reasonably inexpensive. These shacks have the necessities which include running water, a fan, western toilets and a fairly comfortable bed. In case you want some more luxuries, there are some hotels which will offer Air-conditioned rooms too. However, the primary goal of visiting Air Batang should be to experience the rustic way of life that it has to offer. Some of the more popular place of Accommodation is ABC Chalet, Tioman Dive Resort and Tioman House.

Air Batang Village Food

The choice of food provided in Air Batang village is also somewhat limited; however, that is not to say that it isn’t good. Air Batang Village will serve you with plenty of Malaysian dishes for relatively cheap rates, and some western foods like hamburgers are also available. Coming to the drinks offered, one can get lots of fruit drinks, soft drinks in addition to alcoholic beverages such as beer. One unique thing about Tioman Island is that the beer is much cheaper here than in other parts of Malaysia, and this is because the island is duty-free.

The Unique things to do in Air Batang

Air Batang just like any of the other village in Tioman Island has beautiful beaches, a lush forest filled with flora and fauna coupled with beautiful water bodies. As such there are a lot of things to do in Air Batang Village and some of them are as follows.

1. Go Snorkelling:

An Activity which all visitors to Tioman Island must do is Snorkelling. Air Batang has very clear waters and as such snorkelling here is a treat, where you will get to see a lot of the diverse marine ecosystem that Air Batang has to offer. You will get to see many species of fishes, turtles and come across coral reefs too. Besides, there are a lot of institutes which will teach you how to dive and snorkel in case you don’t know how to.

2. Watch the sunsets:

Watching the sunset from the Air Batang is another beautiful experience, and this is because the village of Air Batang faces the west. As such you can get a beautiful view of the sunset from any part of the village’s coastline. The best places from where you can enjoy an unobstructed view of the sunset are in the jetty and the bars located towards the north of the beach. The sunset can also be enjoyed sitting on the sandy beaches, drinking your favourite tropical treat or cocktail.

3. Watch the wildlife:

Since the village of Air Batang has very lush forests, it is home to many different species of animals which roam freely in the village. Some of the most common animals which you can get to witness in Air Batang are the elusive Monitor Lizards, Macaques, and Pythons. Besides these wild animals, there is also a huge cat population. One thing to keep in mind is to watch out for the mischievous monkeys who will try to steal your food items.

4. Visit the Tioman Marine Park Centre:

The Tioman Marine Park Centre is an information centre which is located in Air Batang. This information centre contains a lot of information regarding marine life in this very region. Besides these, it also has television programs, exhibitions and other educational information regarding flora and fauna of the island as a whole. As such this park centre is a must visit for people who are visiting Air Batang.

5. Go Trekking:

Trekking in Air Batang is also something which must be experienced since Air Batang has very lush and thick forests which are waiting to be explored. As such, there are a lot of trekking trials spanning several kilometres wherein you can test your willpower and your stamina. In most cases, trekking can be done with the help of a local guide.

Besides these activities, Air Batang also has numerous other things to offer if you are willing to explore it more. There are many things which make the tiny village of Air Batang unique starting with its rustic and calm appeal, which makes it a perfect vacation site for people who are looking for a calm and serene getaway to spend quality time with themselves and their loved ones. Air Batang is also a perfect location for nature lovers because the forests are untouched and even the water bodies are unpolluted making it perfect to bond with nature. Some of the other villages which you should check out are Genting Village, Juara Village, Paya Village and Salang Village.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/4″][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1558965884672{margin-bottom: 15px !important;}”]


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