Why Maui Snorkeling Tours Should Be on Your Bucket List

Hawaii is among the best places to snorkel because of its geological uniqueness. All of Hawaii’s islands are volcanic in nature. Over time, they were formed as the Pacific plate moved northwest on top of a stationary hot spot.

In fact, the Big Island is still a “work in progress” because it’s currently situated over the said active hot spot. As a result of this geological phenomenon, the Hawaiian Islands were born over the course of millions of years—and the process hasn’t stopped yet.

Now, people know Hawaii as one of the most popular tropical destinations in the whole world. Throughout the year, tourists from various countries flock to the islands to experience the beauty and power of Hawaii’s oceans.

Why is Maui an Island Paradise for Avid Snorkelers and Divers?

Of all of Hawaii’s islands, Maui can be considered as the “sampler” of everything that Hawaii has to offer. Whether you’re going there for the first time or you’re already a repeat visitor, you can always expect Maui to have that signature Hawaiian charm.

Thus, if you can only visit one island in Hawaii, locals and avid tourists would recommend including Maui in your itinerary. This is especially a great choice if you’re into snorkeling and scuba diving. In Maui, you’ll see that the world under its seas is just as exciting as the ones above it.

Are you ready to show your appreciation for the wildlife that thrives in Hawaii’s oceans? Listed below are some reasons why, as a snorkeler or diver, you should consider including Maui in your travel goals:

  1. Multiple Snorkeling Spots

The number of Maui snorkeling tours has increased in recent years to showcase more of the island’s beauty. Of all the places that you’ll visit, there’s surely at least one spot that’ll capture your heart above everything else.

Some of Maui’s world-famous snorkeling locations include:

  • Molokini Crater: A dormant volcano that has turned into a crescent-shaped island, Molokini has the clearest water not just in Maui, but in the whole of Hawaii.
  • Honolua Bay: For marine life enthusiasts, this spot is heaven!
  • Turtle Town: As the name suggests, you’re bound to see lots of turtles here!
  • Ahihi Kinau Reserve: A marine reserve that aims to protect endemic species.
  • Kapalua Bay: A cove with calm waters that are recommended for first-time snorkelers.

With various choices for ocean appreciation, you’ll instantly understand why Maui is consistently nominated as the “Best Island in the World” by magazines, like Travel & Leisure and Condé Nast Traveler.

  1. Rich Marine Life

Some parts of Maui, like Honolua Bay, are under the Marine Life Conservation District. This means that fishing is forbidden in such areas.

Hence, when you choose to snorkel in Maui’s best snorkeling locations, you’re bound to see and experience the abundance of marine wildlife. For instance, Molokini Crater alone houses 250+ fish species. Lana’i Island, on the other hand, is home to reefs, dolphins, and sea turtles.

  1. Water Clarity

One of the reasons why divers keep on coming back to Maui is because of its water clarity. Most snorkeling spots have excellent visibility, particularly the one in Molokini Crater.

Because most of them are protected areas, you can be sure that most of Maui’s snorkeling locations are well taken care of. The visibility in some spots can even exceed 200 feet in every direction, making Maui a great choice for coral and marine life viewing.

  1. Interesting Geography

Since Hawaii sits in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, that alone is a good enough reason to make it a goal to swim and snorkel in its waters. It’s not always that you get to be somewhere that can be considered as a natural masterpiece.

With the nearest landmass located thousands of miles away, snorkeling in Maui can give you a confidence boost. In Maui, you’ll immediately get over the fear of being in the middle of a vast ocean with only islands as your company.

  1. Great Swimming Temperatures Year-Round

The average temperature of most swimmable beaches in Hawaii is 75 to 85 ºF, all year round. If you live in a place with a temperate climate, this is definitely what island paradise feels like. Not only is it the perfect temperature for a variety of marine species, but it’s also appropriate for tourists who wish to get the most out of their trip.

Hence, you wouldn’t have to worry about scheduling the “best time” to visit Maui since the water conditions aren’t going to change much throughout the year. You simply have to know when you’re free and you can just head there once you get your budget and schedules in line.

  1. Snorkeler Safety

The geology of Hawaii has not only created various surfing spots that are homes to renowned international surfing competitions. It has also created areas that have calm waters—ones that are great for kids and for swimmers who are just beginning to gain confidence in the open water.

Although dealing with waves and currents are an inevitable part of being in the ocean, the locals have made it a point to ensure tourist safety by choosing only snorkeling sports that are within protected bays. The island’s geology and natural formations make the waters in these areas calm and safe to swim in.

However, sometimes you still wouldn’t be able to predict when the sea will strike with its raw power. But, as long as you follow your guide’s safety precautions, you’ll be good to go.

Conclusion: Take the Chance to Snorkel in Maui at Least Once in Your Life!

With its coral reefs, clear waters, and vast arrays of interesting marine life, booking a snorkeling tour in Maui is a decision that you’ll never regret. Maui is already a beauty to behold above sea level, but it’s even more so when you go underwater.

While you can easily find a good snorkeling spot by swimming seawards from the beach, a group or private tour can take you to the best snorkeling and diving locations in Maui—some of which are definitely worthy of being in your bucket list.