Sisters Island

A long time ago, there lived a pair of sisters, Minah and Lina, who shared a bond so strong that nothing could separate them. But one day, the notorious chief of the Orang Laut met and fell in love with Lina. Despite the sisters’ pleas, the chief tried to take her away by forcing her into a boat. Just then, the sky turned dark and a storm broke out. As Minah made a final attempt to save her sister from leaving the jetty, a large wave engulfed her. On seeing this, Lina freed herself from her captors and jumped into the sea to join Minah.

The storm subsided but nowhere could the sisters be found. Instead, two islands emerged at the point where they had drowned. Originally named Subar Laut (3.9 hectares) & Subar Darat (1.7 hectares), these two tiny islands are now known as Sisters’ Islands. It is said that each year on the very day the islands were formed, there will always be storms and rain.

The main diving attraction at Sister’s Island is Sister’s Wreck.

Approved Dive Operators

To ensure dive safety while safeguarding the reef habitat, only dive operators that meet all necessary criteria and adhere to regulations established for the Dive Trail are approved to conduct the guided dives.

Interested divers can sign up for the Dive Trails by contacting any of NParks’ approved dive operators listed below:

Company name  Website Email address
GS-Diving Pte Ltd

The cost of the dive trips will be set independently by operators and may differ based on the types of packages and the services offered. Divers are encouraged to contact the approved dive operators for more information on their services and select their preferred dive operators.

NParks does not collect any fees from dive operators for conducting guided dives at Sisters’ Islands Marine Park Dive Trail.

Interested dive operators may contact NParks to obtain approval for conducting the guided dives.