Complete Scuba Diving Guide in Tioman Island

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Tioman is located within the Mersing Marine Park, just off the east coast of Malaya. Ranking among the top ten most beautiful islands on the planet, Tioman Island is also one of the best diving spots in West Malaysia. Known as Pulau Tioman among the locals, it is a favorite destination for sightseers and scuba diving enthusiasts alike.

Aside from falling in love with its idyllic landscapes, you can go on spectacular sightseeing tours. Furthermore, you can try out a variety of water sports. If you need a break from Singapore’s bustling work atmosphere, Tioman is the best retreat.

How to Get from Singapore to Tioman Island

Every adventure starts with a single step, and setting your heart on visiting Pulau Tioman is just that. The next thing you will need to consider is how to get there.

As far as transportation from Singapore to Tioman is concerned, there are several options you can choose from. However, all options have one thing in common – you will have to take a ferry. Namely, there is no bridge connecting Tioman to the mainland, so this trip is a two-part affair.

Hire a Private Car or a Taxi Service from Singapore to Tioman

First of all, you can hire a private car service. Although this might seem extravagant, it is your best travel option if you are a first-time visitor. The vehicles that are available are mostly minivans, thus practical if you are traveling with a group of friends. The drivers will pick you up from the arranged spot, and they will drop you off at either Mersing or Tanjung Gemok Jetty.

Second, hiring a taxi service is a great choice if you are going on this trip alone. Although the cost is not exactly low, it is worth spending a little extra to not worry about the directions. Your taxi driver will be your guide at the same time. However, bear in mind that most taxis do not offer transportation services outside Johor Bahru area. There is a good chance you will have to find another way of reaching Mersing Jetty or Tanjung Gemok Jetty from Johor Bahru.

Take a Coach or a Bus from Singapore to Tioman

If you are on a tight budget, you can opt for a coach or a direct bus. However, bear in mind that the trip can last three to four hours, depending on the traffic conditions. The departure times may also vary depending on the number of passengers. It is a good idea to book tickets in advance and to brace yourself with patience in case of delays.

Take a Plane to Tioman Island

Believe it or not, Tioman Island has a small airstrip. Therefore, small commercial flights operate to and from the island.

If you opt for flying, however, you should know that direct flights from Singapore and Kuala Lumpur are no longer available. The only way to fly directly to Tioman Pulau is from Selangor.

Regardless of the way you choose to reach Mersing Jetty or Tanjung Gemok Jetty, you have to board a ferry in order to reach your final destination. You can purchase the tickets either online or at the ferry ticket counters at the jetties.

Bear in mind that ferry departures will vary depending on the tidal condition. So, try to be at the terminal at least 20 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

Where to Stay in Tioman Island

Although a haven for scuba divers and water sports enthusiasts, Tioman Pulau is not short of luxurious resorts.

For example, Jampala Resort offers peace and serenity of an all-natural setting. Simultaneously, the hotel offers support for scuba diving, kayaking, boat excursions and jungle trekking.

Furthermore, Berjaya Resort is considered a superior retreat, as it rests in the utmost comfort of pristine Malaysian beaches. It is a go-to place for events like weddings and vow renewals. What’s more, the hotel offers an 18-hole golf course and outdoor challenges park.

Moving forward, if you are looking for a truly memorable experience, think about staying at Paya Beach Resort. The hotel offers holistic spa services, which are sure to rejuvenate a tired soul. Aside from snorkeling and diving, you can go canoeing. The establishment even offers safari adventures.

Finally, Scuba Do Dive Resort is a perfect choice for diving enthusiasts looking for a place to stay. As it is very popular, you should book a room a few weeks in advance.

Needless to say, there is a far larger number of stunning resorts to choose from. If none of our choices fits your needs, feel free to do more research. There is surely a hotel waiting for you somewhere in Tioman Pulau.

What to Do in Tioman Island

Tioman is famous for its breathtaking scenery and inviting pristine depths. There is so much you can do here that it might be difficult to squeeze everything in on just one visit. However, there are a few things you should not miss under any circumstances.

Visiting Tioman Dive Centers

Whether they possess a diving license or not, Tioman dive centers are perfect for all sea bottom lovers. You can enjoy snorkeling and diving, as the entire area takes great pride in rich marine life.

Licenced PADI divers are not only there to be your guides, but also teachers. Most diving facilities offer PADI Open Water Courses at fairly reasonable prices. Tioman also abounds in dive gear shops.

Go Jungle Trekking

There are several easily accessible trekking paths between villages in Tioman Pulau. The longest one is the path that treks across the island and can take you from Tekek to Juara. You will need to walk for 7km in order to complete it. On the other hand, the shortest trek is only 200m long, and it connects ABC and Tekek. Another famous trek leads from Juara to mesmerizing Asah waterfalls.

Climb Mount Kajang

Standing 1038m tall, Mount Kajang is the highest peak of Peninsular Malaysia. Two trails lead up to the top, but you should under no circumstances attempt climbing them on your own.  Be ready for a 10-hour hike with a professional guide. Moreover, be prepared for a significant temperature drop as you go up. However, as you go up, your eyes can feast on magnificent views and unique flora.